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  • Bringing Precision & Savings to Energy Audits

    Reduce energy audit costs, increase quality, and collaborate using the simuwatt® Energy Auditor mobile and cloud-based enterprise solution.

Streamlined, high quality commercial energy audits that will lower the cost of your audit by up to 50%

simuwatt® Energy Auditor is an innovative cloud-based, tablet and desktop software solution that lowers the time and cost of providing high quality, commercial building energy audits while preserving the data to facilitate reporting, portfolio-wide tracking, and reuse. simuwatt® Energy Auditor provides standardized data collection interfaces, an integrated community-driven library of energy conservation data, and enterprise collaboration tools to organize and create analysis-ready outputs for a variety of auditing approaches.

Energy Auditor is a joint development between the simuwatt® software team and the greatest minds in commercial building energy analysis at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


How it works

Energy Auditor connects auditors through desktop and tablet interfaces to collaboratively build out an energy audit. Auditors have access to an extensible library of building components such as lamps, boilers, motors, construction materials, water fixtures and more to reduce time and improve data quality. At any stage in the process, collected data may be exported for use in spreadsheet or energy modeling analysis, reporting, integrations with other applications and more.

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simuwatt® Energy Auditor Features

Tablet and Web interface
Organize projects and share data with others
Multiple simultaneous auditor support
Add floor plans and create geometry
Advanced HVAC and zoning tools
Collect lighting, plug loads, and process loads
Define envelope constructions and windows
Domestic water systems and fixtures
Output to spreadsheets for analysis
Generate EnergyPlus/OpenStudio models
Reusable project files and data in the cloud
Community-driven building component library
Reusable and customizable retrofit measures
Semi-automated report generation
Custom reporting and output options

An Enterprise Solution

Whether you are performing audits as an individual or as a team, Energy Auditor provides a collaborative environment for centralizing and organizing data for any stage in your auditing process.

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